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Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health (MEP) Engineering Building Services Design

Auxilium offers an extensive range of mechanical, electrical and public health engineering, design and consultancy services and skills, covering all aspects of the built environment.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our practical knowledge derived from the contracting experience of our senior management.  All our staff have installation project management experience as we feel it is fundamentally important to the production of a successful design.  After all, how can you design mechanical and electrical services if you do not understand how they are installed and operated?  Far too often clients and contractors are presented with designs which look good on paper, but do not work in the real world and often do not physically fit within the space available.  We pride ourselves on being able to present tangible engineering solutions that we know will truly represent the finished installation.

We have a proven track record in reducing the amount of site engineering required by providing a high level of detailed information at design stage.  This allows the installer to develop working drawings quite simply and provides greater cost certainty for all parties involved.